FLEXISEQ® Sport provides Joint Lubrication Therapy to treated joints and is clinically proven to relieve stiffness and improve function. It’s innovative mode of action, delivers biolubricating Sequessome™ vesicles to joints without the need for injections. Once inside the synovial capsule, Sequessome vesicles accumulate on cartilage surfaces to provide a lubricating layer.

Physiotherapists and other rehabilitation specialists around the world are using FLEXISEQ® Sport with success.

“I believe FLEXISEQ® Sport is a very innovative product which we can easily advice patients to use especially as it is a non-medicinal treatment. Its properties are very exciting for all of us treating patients with traumatic degeneration of joints, sports related joint injuries and osteoarthritis. The feedback I have been receiving from a number of patients is very positive as regards to pain relief and some patients have had faster treatment progression after a few weeks of application.” - Physiotherapist with special interest in sport injury and post-trauma rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy Case Studies

Case Study: Elbow Dislocation

A 28 year old male office worker, recreational footballer and regular gym attendance with chief exercise being weightlifting.

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Case Study: Joint Degeneration caused by Demyelinating Disorder

A 40+ year old female with sedentary job and sufferer of Demyelinating Disorder which causes degenerative joint problems among other symptoms.

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